• Any de naixament: Decembre 2021
  • Gènere: Femella
  • Raça: American Stafforshire Terrier
  • Tamany: Mitja

Busquem un bon futur per ella.
És una gossa molt afectuosa i divertida. Creiem de abans d’entrar al refugi, va patir algun tipus de parálisi ja que té un ullet una mica més tancat i un caminar una mica diferent… Però de salud, està súper bé.
Passeja bé i és un solet de gossa. Amb altres gossos a vegades és molt intentsa, però és factor que ja estan treballant els nostres educadors.
Aquesta petita ho passa malament a la gàbia, com la majoria dels seus companys.
Esperem que algú s’enamori d’ella aviat i li doni la vida que mereix.

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  • Año de nacimiento: Diciembre 2021
  • Género: Hembra
  • Raza: American Stafforshire Terrier
  • Tamaño: Mediano

We are looking for a good future for her. She is a very affectionate and funny dog. We think that before she entered the shelter, she suffered some kind of paralysis as her eye is a little more closed an she walks little different… But in terms of health, she is very good. She walks well and loves the sun. With other dogs it is sometimes a bit tense, but it is a factor that our trainers are already working on. This little girl is having a hard time in the cage, like most of her peers. We hope someone falls in love with her soon and gives her the life she deserves.

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  • Date of birth: December 2021
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: American Stafforshire Terrier
  • Size: Medium

Nala walks very well without pulling much on the leash and is very sociable with other dogs. She arrived at the shelter with he sister who was already adopted. And she has been very lonely in the cage. A lot. She loves receiving attention, going for walks and especially being with people. She is a dog to be enjoyed.


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